Cantum Mensurable

Editions of Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century Polyphony

Welcome to my music edition page at MusicaNeo 

I'm currently editing printed music for Editions MPMP but I take some time to edit one or two works to post in this page. Here you can find sixteenth and seventeenth-century Portuguese (and, some cases, also Spanish) polyphony. Not only sacred, but also other para-liturgical genres as villancicos, and instrumental music (tentos, fantasias, variations).

The general criteria used in my editions (of polyphony)is maintaining the original pitch of the work and also maintaining the original note values. However, there are exceptions, as for example in Requiem masses, in which the values are too long. Transposition may also be used in the cases where the work's pitch is too low or too high for the voices. The editions presented here feature mainly Portuguese composers of the 16th and 17th centuries who's music is practically not available worldwide. 

Let me know of any performances of these editions. It is always a pleasure to see them being performed. For more information on my music editions please visit my website at Luís Henriques ~ musicologist