Cantum Mensurable

Editions of Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century Polyphony


Luís Henriques is currently a PhD candidate in Musicology at University of Évora. He holds a Master's Degree in Musical Sciences from the FCSH/NOVA of New University of Lisbon and a Licenciate's Degree in Musicology from University of Évora.
He is a researcher at the University of Évora branch of CESEM - Sociology and Musical Aesthetics Research Centre, based at New University of Lisbon. He also collaborates with MPMP - Movimento Patrimonial pela Música Portuguesa, where you can find printed editions of Portuguese polyphony (the "Polyphonia" series) as also as eighteenth-century sacred music (MPMP website ).
More info on his work from his blog/website 

Luís Henriques